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These stats on plastic will blow your mind

These stats on plastic will blow your mind

Plastic is a global issue. 8 million tonnes of plastic infringes on our oceans (Plastic Oceans Foundation, 2017) and it’s estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by weight (World Economic Forum & Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2016).

Our entire business model aims to reduce plastic waste by providing plant-based packaging substitutes and encouraging composting.  When we started our  journey we focused on food and beverage takeaway packaging but have since expanded into the grocery sector. Plastic is a top concern for New Zealanders according to the 2021 Colmar Brunton, Better Futures Report, and our customers support the elimination of plastic and commercial and home composting. 

Did you know...

  • Humans produce ~300 million tonnes of plastic waste each year - the weight of the entire human population. 
  • & More than 79% is sitting in our natural environment. 
  • Plastic trash in our seas is set to triple by 2040 without action
  • The average household dumps xx meters of plastic from toilet paper alone each year. 

What can you do?

  • Choose plastic-free products — that are truely plastic free. Look at the fine print and the packaging (including the packaging tape!)
  • Consume less processed foods
  • Opt for reusables where possible 

Ecoware is made from FSC certified bamboo, truely plastic free, a Toitū climate positive company AND we use recyclable wrappers and core.  

Be part of the solution not the problem. Help contribute to less waste in landfill, cleaner streets, oceans and beautiful communities.