Gentle on them, gentle on the planet

Say bye-bye to regular toilet paper (made from trees and wrapped in plastic) and hello to 100% FSC Certified Bamboo TP

We created ecoroll to be
a little bit different

Plastic free

EcoRoll is plastic-free, so you get a premium product that leaves a lighter footprint.

Made with integrity

Tree-free TP, our bamboo is sourced from forests certified to the highest level of responsible forestry management.

Beautifully wrapped

EcoRoll wrapping not only looks good, it keeps our rolls clean and hygienic, even in the busiest bathrooms.

Premium 300 sheet - 2 ply

Soft and strong 2ply toilet tissue making 1000's of Kiwi bathrooms more beautiful. Plastic-free and tree-free, delivered to your door.

Luxury 370 sheet - 3 ply

For those looking for something a little plusher, our luxurious 3ply toilet tissue is thicker and longer than 2ply. Delivered conveniently to your door.