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Is your toilet paper vegan?

two rolls of ecoroll toilet paper sitting on the back of a toilet

Someone asked this question a couple of weeks back via Instagram, and we can confirm there are no animal-derived materials in our toilet paper. The connections between the products we buy and the resources used to produce them are hidden, or language is used we do not understand meaning that we remain unaware. 

Gelatin, stearic acid and stearic acid derivatives (this ingredient is made from animal fat), are the most common animal-based ingredients used as a binding agent for the paper fibres. Gelatin you perhaps will be familiar with, found in gummies and vitamins capsules, if you are vegetarian or vegan, you will be familiar with the labelling on pharmaceuticals, and such labelling is not standard with other products like toilet paper or tissues.

Some toilet papers are made with heavy-duty adhesives and wet-strength additives based on animal derived chemistry—gelatin, fatty acids, et cetera which can produce toilet paper that doesn’t fully break down. And this could be problematic if you have a septic tank. 

So, yes, our toilet paper is vegan. We do not use animal-derived ingredients in our supply chain, and our loo rolls are only tested on human bums. Typically, it will not be clear that toilet paper, or facial tissues contain gelatin or fatty acids, and so if avoiding such products is a priority, and brand websites are ambiguous, send an email and ask the question.