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Clever tips to toilet train your toddler

Image of a toddler, holding a sustainable toilet paper roll

We know there are plenty of wonderful parents in our EcoRoll community — and it's no surprise
our toilet paper is a crowd favourite because of our recyclable bright-coloured packaging, which also keeps rolls hygienic in the busiest of bathrooms!

So, we asked our friends at Tots to Teens for some helpful tips on how to turn the little ones into toilet pros. 

Here are a few clever toilet training tips from their readers

—Go regularly! But also respect the ‘no’s!  Your child may genuinely not need to go, or it may end in wet pants, but your child starts to understand their own body and be familiar with their toileting needs, so they take ownership of the choice/need to go. ~ Amber

—Sitting on the potty watching his favourite story helped us a lot...we spent a lot of hours on the potty which helped familiarise the feeling of sitting on the potty. ~ Natasha

—For the boys. Put a ping pong ball in the toilet for them to aim at. Gives great incentive for wanting to go and helps keep a young one focused. ~ Sophie

—Our little guy loves our brightly wrapped EcoRoll TP - he gets to unwrap them like they are special presents. It's really helped with the excitement of using the toilet. ~ Caylie

—Put a floating target to shoot at in the toilet bowl for boys! ~ Amanda

—My best tip would be to limit liquid intake to 1 to 2 hours before bedtime and take the child to the toilet right before bedtime - creating a routine usually works for us. ~ Warren

—Go cold turkey. Go straight to undies so the child can feel the wetness when they wet themselves. ~ Joanna

—Wait until it’s summer, roll up the rugs and don’t stress too much. ~ Amanda

—Using a waterproof mat for playing whilst learning to use the toilet to avoid huge clean-ups from accidents. ~ Krystal

For more toilet training tips read the full article here on Tots to Teens.